In an effort to keep our Student Affairs Professionals informed I want to share the following updates. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure that we advise you on our plans for TMR 2020.  After several meetings with our host hotel, the travel bureau, and universities who have inquired, we have decided to cancel Tailor-Made for July 2020 as our country contends with the effects of COVID-19. With this, we would like to reassure you of our continued commitment to offer servant leadership opportunities in the future.

As of now, we are still diligently making preparations to host your delegations in July of 2021. we will continue to provide you with updates as we approach the Tailor Made Royal Retreat weekend. Please know, we remain committed to serving you; and we truly value your patronage. Furthermore, our team is prayerful, and we look forward to brighter days ahead.

In times like these, we remain focused on the well-being of our HBCU students, families, and communities. We hope that this time allows your College, and or University an opportunity to regroup, refresh, and readjust to normal campus life, and we hope to see you at Tailor Made Royal Retreats 2021


Annette Burgess

Founder of The Tailor-Made Royal Retreats

Dear Kings, Queens, Student Leaders and Advisors,

I am excited to invite you to experience the Tailor Made Royal Retreats. This Retreat was designed to offer you an experience that will speak to your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

This conference will help mold and shape you into the Student Leaders that you are destined to be, and will allow you to continue the development of the skills that you already possess. We will also give you an inside glimpse of the ideas and protocols of Royalty and Leadership.

Your presence at the Tailor Made Royal Retreats you offer you an opportunity to listen, learn, share and grow as you interact with other student leaders and gain impactful knowledge from leadership experts.

Know that you have been chosen for a time such as this! So I invite you to a life changing experience that you will never forget.

~See you there!