Our Purpose is to equip, empower, and inspire Kings, Queens and Student Leaders with valuable leadership skills that will benefit them during their respective reign, term, and beyond.

Students will leave this conference embodying characteristics that will help them to become productive efficient leaders, and focused for a position of Leadership. 

The Goal of Tailor Made Royal Retreats is to show student leaders that leadership is not just a responsibility and privilege, but rather a lifestyle.

What to Expect

The HBCU Tailor Made Royal Retreats are designed to offer newly elected leaders a fresh new way to embrace their positions.

Participants will gain the tools necessary to hone their leadership skills; while engaging in interactive workshops that will focus on subjects such as:  How to Address Pressing Campus Issues, Media Training, Etiquette, Campus Programming, Wardrobe Planning, Court Protocol, and Image Building. A unique component of the leadership retreat will allow participants to take part in community service projects with the hopes to jump start their personal service within their respective communities.

Networking with peers is the key to the overall experience at Tailor Made Royal Retreats. It allows participants to network with their peers and other phenomenal leaders to share ideas and to get a firsthand look into leadership and royalty.